Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in the life of women and couples. It would be a shame not to immortalise the wonderful moments with a photo series. The most ideal time for pregnancy photography is between the 28th and the 34th weeks because the stomach is nicely rounded by then and because in the later weeks hours of posing might become physically demanding for the mother and it is very important that she is at ease and can enjoy the photoshoot. Considering the  calmer surroundings the photoshoots are usually held in a studio but of course outdoor locations are also an option. When it comes to pregnancy photography we strive to make pictures in which emotions speak for themselves. The father of course can’t be missing from the pregnancy photoshoot but we are always glad to see other relatives with the mother too, or even pets maybe.

The retouched pictures will be handed in digital form so you can share them with friends and relatives but if you would like tangible pictures as well we can make photo books too.

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